Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Close....!

Scrapable has been doing some really fun things for the 12 days of Christmas. They have all sorts of fun challenges and games going on. A new one every day until December 22.

Last night was Bingo. We each had a chance to make our own Bingo cards, and then we played last night. The prize was a $50 gift certificate to Scrapable. There was only one winner, and we played a "Black Out" game.

I was so VERY close to getting a black out. I only had two left, when someone "yelled" Bingo. I looked at my card I had to laugh to myself.

The two things that stress me out the MOST during the Holidays, were funny enough, the two squares left on my Bingo card! I guess I should have been smart enough NOT to choose those words to play. haha

If you haven't had a chance, and have some time this weekend, head on over to Scrapable and enter some of the challenges and games! They are TONS of fun!

Happy Scrapping!

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