Monday, August 30, 2010


Jackie has another new kit out this week called "Elegance". I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit! It's so...well Elegant! :)

Some of you may have followed Brownie Scraps "Designer Survivor". Jackie was one of the Designers who competed in that Challenge. The Challenge is 6 weeks long, and each week the Designers were to create a new "kit" based on color pallettes, or other specified directions. Elegance is the result of the last challenge that Jackie competed in. They had chose a color and then do a monochromatic kit. Only 10% of the kit could be black, silver, or green. This was the kit that Jackie did, and we all loved it so much that she expanded it some, and put it in the store for you all to enjoy! :)

Sadly Jackie and my fellow CTM Mandy were "voted off" last week, but the two of them did a GREAT job, and I admire them both for having the talent and patience to stay in the competition as long as they did! :) It was so much fun to watch them and cheer for them on the sidelines!

I had to "steal" another one of my nieces for this layout, since it was just a tad too girly to work for any of Keric's pictures and I wanted to try something a little different than a wedding photo. This kit really does scream wedding, but I think it can be used for other things as well! :) Here is my layout using Elegance.

If you head on over to Jackie's Store, Elegance is 25% off for a limited time!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy Scrapping!

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