Thursday, March 11, 2010

Missionary Memories

I am so excited to tell you about this very new kit from Angie at Down This Road Designs. This kit is called Missionary Memories and it is the Elders version.

I'm not sure if she is planning on doing one for Sister Missionaries, but I bet if she got some feedback from all of you that it was needed, I have no doubt she could come up with an amazing one!

Angie was approached by a store here in Utah and asked if she would like to participate in designing paper kits for them. The challenge was to design kits that were Latter Day Saint appropriate. She not only took on the challenge, she turned her kit into a digital kit and is offering it to you!

As a member of the Church or Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, the LDS Church, I was thrilled to see someone come out with a kit like this! The audience for this kit may be a little smaller but I think it is a kit that is needed, and also wanted. I myself have not taken on the task of scrapping my own husbands Mission pictures, but I know many wives who have and are. Kudos to you for taking that challenge on! :) Thankfully my husbands is already done, and as of right now anyway, I don't intend on doing another one for him. Maybe one day I will change my mind! :)

This kit is also great for pictures of your little future missionaries. It's a beautiful "boy" kit full of browns, blues, greens, and only two flowers in the whole kit! :)

Here are a couple of layouts that I did with this kit.

If you have a need for this kit, and I think many of you who read my blog just might, head on over to Brownie Scraps and check it out!

Happy Scrapping!

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