Sunday, October 3, 2010

Class is in Session!!

A couple of weeks ago, I "enrolled" in the Brownie Scraps Designing class that is going on this month.

School is in session, and my teacher Bethany has already given us our first assignment!

Our colors are these:

Our theme is: Thankful.

So I decided that the name of my kit is going to be "I am Thankful for You!" This kit is going to be more of a masculine looking kit, and will be dedicated to my little man Keric and his Daddy! :)

Our assignment this week is to come up with 4 patterned papers, and 5 solid papers. So I have been working on my papers tonight! They aren't due until Friday, so I am going to sleep on it...and decide if I LOVE my papers in the morning. A couple of people have already posted their papers, but since I have until Friday I am going to hold off a little and make sure they are EXACTLY what I want. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist...

The twist to the class is this we just found out today is that at the end of class our teacher picks one of the 5 students in her class to be a guest designer at Brownie Scraps!! EEEEKKKKK!!!

So, seriously this is my DREAM! I had no idea that this was part of the class when I signed up, I just really wanted to learn from who I look at as some of the BEST!

I want to be a Designer there so badly! So I'm now I am totally nervous about my kit! I hope I get the guest spot, but even if I don't, I'm sure I will have learned a TON to make me a better designer in the future!

Wish me luck! I'll posting the different parts of my kit as I finish them. Feel free to give me some feedback! :)

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  1. Oh Wow!!! I did not know about the guest designer spot at Brownie Scraps as being part of the class!! That is awesome!! I know you will do amazing!!!! I am excited to see what you come up with!!