Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Daisy Team Needs YOUR Votes!!

I seem to find myself enrolling in lots of contests lately! :) I used to be completly terrified of them, but after entering a couple of them, I really LOVE doing them! I think it makes me a better scrapper to be challenged and scrap a little more out of my comfort area! You can learn a LOT being in scrapping challenges and it doesn't matter HOW long you have been scrapping!

I would encourage ANYONE who loves to digiscrap to enter a contest! It is really a fun time! :)

So anyway, my latest contest is over at DigiScrap Addicts or DSA. They are currently having a "Battle of The Creative Teams".

I am on Bethany's "Scrappin Daisies" team. This week was the first week. Our challenge was to follow a scrapping recipe. Our layout had to include the following:

10 hearts
9 flowers
8 stitches
7 buttons
6 frames
5 ribbons
4 papers
3 pictures
2 alphas
1 font

This is my layout for week one.

Our layouts were all due last night, and the voting polls are NOW open! SO....I along with the rest of my team, would really appreciate it if you would head over to DSA and take a look at all of our layouts, and if you feel so inclined...VOTE FOR US! :)

You can find all of our layouts HERE

You can find the voting HERE

Thank you!!! I can't wait to see what week 2 brings!! :)

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